New fonts for Picstructions!

Picstructions August 12, 2019 1396


We’ve heard from some of our users that the default Helvetica font is sometimes hard to read over their images. We think we’ve solved that issue by adding 10 more fonts to the app! Unfortunately it took quite a bit of programming to make it work nicely so we have made it a paid upgrade.... Read more »

Our first interview. iOS Today Episode 455!

picstructions July 18, 2019 1005

We were given the special opportunity to demo Picstructions on TWiTs iOS Today podcast Episode 455. Leo and Mikah were great to us and we are thankful to have been given the time that they allowed us. Watch below!

A beginning…

Picstructions June 13, 2019 820

It has been a long road from idea to launch and we are finally here!